Dan George


Dan George

What I Do

Here are my 3 main web skills
Design Skill 1


All parts of design, print, html email templates to full scale e-commerce websites.
Coding Skill 2


Front-end development languages including HTML/CSS, Javascript, AngularJS.
UX Skill 3


The design of web interfaces, user thought processes and layout wireframes.

About Me

I grew up in a small village in the west country, grasping a eye for design at school before teaching myself HTML outside of my A-level work. I went on to study Digital Media at University before gaining years of experience at various web agencies around the UK. I work on freelance web projects ranging from small Flash-based movies through to large-scale wordpress, data-driven websites.  When i'm not at my computer, I am either listening to music, down the beach with my surfboard or travelling the world.

Recent Projects

An example of what I work on.
See Your Folks

See Your Folks

A project worked on by a handful of people to encourage you to spend quality time with your parents, before it is too late. See Your Folks uses World Health Organisation data on life expectancy to make people more aware of mortality.

Front-End Development
Launch Project


"Many thanks for everything. You've met the demands of what we wanted, as well as making the site look just right. Aswell as using up-to-date web technologies, you always deliver top quality on time. An absolute joy to work with".

Tom Day, RDA Engineering

Social Media